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Our desire to enrich local towns

Every local town has their own distinctive food culture. Even how much IT technology develops, human do not stop eating meals. We want to spread Japanese food culture from Osaka, called “Kitchen of the Nation”, to the world mainly in the 480trillion yen Asian market which covers 40% of world food distribution. We specifically provide a Japanese food distribution business plan using a platform of cross-border Electric Commerce. The demand of security and safety is very high in the Asian countries where its size expands drastically, and especially "Made in Japan" food has a strong trust. We will enrich Japanese local towns using cross-border Electric Commerce to spread their distinctive food cultures to the Asian countries. Also, we will apply the latest IT technology such as artificial intelligence or the Internet of Things (IoT) as a measure to accomplish our goal, and will propose a platform of cross-border Electric Commerce which fits to this information revolution era.

We will make an effort with all of you to enrich the worldwide local towns.

Naoki Samukawa, CEO, hynesen Inc.

Demands between Japan and Overseas Countries

At hynesen we are aiming to create a business platform for mid and small size companies to expand their business overseas, in China and other countries. This supply and demand balance seem to be easily matched, however there are several hurdles especially for small to medium sized companies to overcome, such as language, certificates, sales-networking, payment clearing and settlement. We can assist Japanese companies trying to introduce their products overseas and overseas customers trying to import tasty and safe Japanese food products.
First, we will start by building a food business platform.


Regional industry wanting to expand sales channels overseas


Ask for good quality and safe food

From the food capital "Osaka"

Kitchin of nation, Osaka

Osaka which is prospering as a center of commerce from the Azuchi-Momoyama period and the Edo period. As the word "Osaka's fallen food" also exists, it is also a place where delicious things gather from all over the country.

Domestically, due to the declining population, demand for food has also decreased, and delicious items are getting harder to sell gradually.
However, in Japan it is sometimes said that small-sized sweet potatoes, which are not very popular in Japan, are popular for eating in Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc., and goods that could not be sold in Japan are highly appreciated in the market such as China.

Do you aim to create new markets from the city capital "Osaka", "delicious in Japan"?

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